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Founded in 1993 and headquartered in Chicago, JCF Real Estate is a full-service diversified commercial real estate firm that delivers a complete range of integrated real estate services. We strive to develop, manage, lease and construct assets which generate superior returns and profoundly contribute to the prosperity of the stakeholder. The philosophies guiding our operations and success are based on the premise that value is maximized by improving the quality of the assets while fostering strong relationships.

We recognize the importance of making your needs our top priority and we meet these needs as efficiently and effectively as possible. At JCF we leverage our team’s diverse range of expertise to provide our clients with a substantial value and a complete array of services. Furthermore, as a privately held concern, we provide a higher level of value-added management to the real estate assets which are acquired or developed.

We are not looking to invest for the sake of investing. Rather, we are driven by the opportunity to acquire or develop an asset that will generate superior returns to those that are traditionally available.

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